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BeGel8602 A/B Silicone optical clear adhesive for optical applications

BeGel8602 A/B Optical Silicone gel for optical applications

Product description

BeGel8602 Silicone Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive is a two-component optical grade transparent material that can be bonded to a variety of LCD display module materials, including glass, PMMA acrylic and PC polycarbonate. Its excellent optical properties such as High transparency, low atomization, lowest yellowing rate and excellent reliability can help LCD display modules work for a long time under various working conditions.

BeGel8602 silicone liquid optical adhesive can be solidified at room temperature or heat up at medium temperature. It is highly transparent before and after curing. No by-products are released during curing.



Product feature

  1. 1:1 mixing ratio
  2. High light transmittance
  3. Low yellowing
  4. Cure at room temperature or heat cure
  5. High toughness and surface viscosity
  6. More optimized process

Typical applications

  1. Optical fit of LCD/OLED display screen with window cover plate
  2. Optical sensor package




1)Mixing ratio

  • A : B = 100 : 100 (weight ratio)


  • Take a clean plastic container, add the AB component to the stirring vessel in a predetermined proportion, and stir rapidly. During the stirring process, air bubbles will be introduced into the gel body. For high-volume production, it is recommended to use automatic mixing equipment (recommended static mixing method) with automatic filling.


  • If manual mixing requires defoaming, it is recommended to take out the bubbles under vacuum of 10mmHg for no more than 2 minutes immediately after stirring. Otherwise, the viscosity will rise too fast and cannot be potted. The volume of glue in defoaming should not exceed the volume of the container. 1/4, avoid overflow.

4)Dispensing tool

  • Use a syringe after defoaming
  • If you need glue or quantitative injection equipment, please contact our marketing department.

Operation process

  • Increased temperature will shorten the operation time, please pay attention!
  • Also in winter, lower temperatures can significantly slow down the cure.

Curing condition

  • 90 mins at 25°C or 20 mins at 80°C
  • Heating will accelerate the curing of the gel, and the temperature can be raised appropriately to shorten the curing time.



Typical performance

Features before cured


8602 A

8602 B


Colorless transparent liquid

Colorless transparent liquid

Viscosity, mPa·s(25℃)



Mix ratio, Mass ratio

AB = 100100

Operating time , min(25℃)

> 30 mins

Penetration mm/10


Refractive index (25℃)


Transmittance %

450nm @1mm, 99.8

800nm @1mm 99.9




1)The surface of the substrate should be clean and dry.

  • The uncured BeGel8602can be removed using isopropanol, xylene, petroleum ether or heptane.
  • After the product has cured, it is recommended to remove most of the cured gel with mechanical external force. If there is any residue, use the solvent to scrub.

2)Before uncured, the material should not be in contact with organic substances containing N, P, S, etc., can not be exposed to ionic compounds such as Sn, Pb, Hg, Bi, As, can not contact active compounds containing acetylene and vinyl, can not contact peroxide, can not be Exposure to moisture and alcohols

When these substances reach a certain concentration, they will hinder the solidification of the materials, which is embodied in three Phenomena:

  • It is always in a flowing state and does not cure at all.
  • The surface in contact with the substrate has a thin layer in a liquid or brushed state.
  • Tiny bubbles on the surface in contact with the substrate.

3)Do a full experiment before use

Storage and shelf life

  • Storage time: 12 months at 25 ° C
  • Store below 25°C, avoid direct sunlight, and store in a cool, ventilated place.
  • Unused products should be resealed to avoid contact with strong oxidizing chemicals


  • Part A: 5kg, Part B: 5kg
  • Part A: 18kg, Part B: 18kg

Use restrictions

This product has not been tested and can not be used for any internal medicine, contact with blood or implanted into the human body.


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