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low temperature cured epoxy potting adhesive for module

SATOP®8618 low viscosity cured at low temperature epoxy adhesive

potting adhesive
potting adhesive
potting adhesive

Product description of potting adhesive

SATOP®8618 is a low temperature cured one-component epoxy potting adhesive with high adhesion and low water absorption. It can be used for bonding of various materials and has good storage stability.

Typical application of potting adhesive

Mainly used for bonding LED backlight module lens, and bonding camera module CCD / CMOS frame, suitable for bonding temperature-sensitive components.



Storage conditions

Store in a clean, dry place at -20°C.

Shelf life:6 month

potting material

Properties before cured:

ItemTest standardSATOP®8618
AppearanceVisualwhite or black paste
Viscosity,cps , 25℃(Brookfield LV)(GB/T 2794-1995)1500013000-17000
Base compositionEpoxy resin1.65±0.05
Density(g/cm3)(GB/T 13354-1992)1.50   1.45-1.55
  1. Recommended curing conditions:
    At 100°C, curing time: 15 minutes.
  2. At 80°C, curing time: 30 minutes.
  3. At 75°C, curing time: 50 minutes

The curing speed depends on the size of the heating equipment and the object to be bonded. According to the heating equipment and the object to be bonded properly adjust the curing time.

potting material

Properties after cured(sample cured at 80 ℃ 60 minutes)

ItemTest standardSATOP®8618
Hardness(shore D)(GB/T 2411-1980)80
Shear strength(MPa)(GB/T 7124-1986)TSS-Fe)15,(TSS-Al ) 10
Elongation at break(%)(GB 1040-1992)2.3
Glass transition temperature(℃)(ASTM E1545)45

Thermal expansion coefficient(GB/T 1036-1989)α1 (PPM/℃) 45

α2 (PPM/℃)130

Water absorption(%)([email protected]℃)(GB/T 1034-1998)0.15
Dielectric strength(KV/mm)(GB 1408.1-1999)≥20
Surface resistance(Ω)(GB/T 1410-2006)1×1015

Instructions for use

  • Before use, it must be warmed at room temperature for more than 4 hours. Do not open the package until it is restored to room temperature.
  • It is recommended that the dispensing pressure be 0.15-0.25 MPa. Use needles 21 or 22 with a dispensing speed of 4-10 mm/s.
  • Applicable for 7 days at 25°C.
  • The unused glue is first put into a plastic bag and then stored in -20°C.


  • Keep away from children.
  • It is recommended to use it in a well-ventilated place.
  • If you accidentally get on your skin, wash it with soap and water immediately.
  • If you accidentally get it on your eyes, wash it with plenty of water and then seek medical attention.
  • For details, please refer to MSDS of this product.

Product safety information is not included here. Before use, please read the product information, product safety information and packaging label for safe use. The product safety information can be obtained from SATOP and the distributor, or write to the SATOP service center [email protected] or call 021-64243697.

The technical data of this paper are all typical values obtained under laboratory conditions.We are not responsible for the results of methods beyond our control.Because users use condition is different, different material surface state, curing conditions, storage conditions, transportation and other factors can make gum stability and physical and mechanical properties, the actual performance data has some changes are normal phenomenon.Before using this product,Validation is based on the data provided in this article.If you have any problems with the process, you can contact our technical service department and we will provide you with all the help. Our company reserves the right to modify the data in this article.

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