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clear Self-healing Dielectric gel for IGBT and connector

SATOP® Clear two component Self-healing silicone gel-8815

Dielectric gel
Dielectric gel
Dielectric gel

Product feature and Dielectric gel application:

SATOP®8815 is a clear two component Self-healing Dielectric gel. After curing, forms buffer, self-recovery special soft material. Used to insulate moisture and other harmful pollutants from the circuit board, and provide insulation for high voltage. Another purpose is to provide stress relief to protect circuits and interconnections from high temperature and mechanical stress.

  1. Addition type 1:1, Strong adhesion, self-repairing.
  2. High elongation; Excellent softness; Mechanical stress relieving
  3. Low permeability oilafter curing, excellent anti-toxicity.
  4. Good high temperature electrical insulation, provide protection for high pressure
  5. Excellent resistance to aging and weathering.
  6. Excellent waterproof, anticorrosion, moisture-proof and chemical resistance.
  7. It can be used in the semiconductor modules, connectors, sensors, etc

Features before cured:

ItemPart A Part B
Composition Polysilox- 60 ∽ 260 ℃ane class.Hydrogen polysiloxane class.
AppearanceColorless liquidColorless liquid
viscosity,25℃ CPS800700
Specific Gravity, g/cm30.990.99
Mixing ratioA:B = 100:100 Weight ratioA:B = 100:100 Weight ratio
Viscosity after mixing750  CPS750  CPS
Operating time after mixing60 min 25℃60 min 25℃
Hardening conditions5 hours under the 25℃or 30 min under the 80℃5 hours under the 25℃or 30 min under the 80℃
Hardened appearanceColorless clear gelColorless clear gel
Thixotropic index,1/mm7575
Dielectric strength(KV/mm)2525
Volume resistance(Ω·cm)DC500V1.0×10151.0×1015
Loss terms(1 MHz)<0.001<0.001
Dielectric constant(1 MHz)2.82.8
Application temperature range– 60 ∽ 260 ℃– 60 ∽ 260 ℃

Remark:All the above data come from 25 ℃ and 55% RH glue curing conditions after 7 days. 


Typical applications:

Electric power semiconductor IGBT, weighing sensor, automobile ECU integration module and other packaging protection IC chip, electric power telecommunication waterproof connector potting, etc.

Product packaging:

Part A: 10kg/barrel, Part B: 10kg/barrel


Storage and transportation:

  1. This product needs to be stored in a cool and dry environment below 25°C, storage period of part A and part B is 1 year below 25℃.
  2. Products that have exceeded the shelf life should be tested and confirmed before use
  3. The products are non-dangerous goods and can be transported by general chemicals. Be careful to leak during transit.

Operation process:

  1. Take part A and part B according to the weight ratio, evenly mixed, direct injection into components (or modules) that need to be potted protected.
  2. Resting the components that have been potted, Can heat curing (under the 80 ℃, about 30 minutes), also can be directly cured at room temperature, about 6 hours.


  1. Can Improve the performance of hardened products if remove the bubbles of AB component that has been mixed.
  2. Seal preservation after taking part A and part B.
  3. can lead to slow curing speed under the too low temperature and recommended heating curing.
  4. SATOP®8815 contact with sulfur, amine and tin will be difficult to harden.
  5. The proportions of A and B are different in different seasons.
  6. Part A mixed part B (0105413 winter formula), fast curing, operation time is only 5-10mins under the 25℃, curing time is 15-20mins.
  7. Use this product in a non-constant temperature environment.
  8. Please change winter formula if daily average temperature of 10°C for 1 week
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