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electronic grade silicone sealant for fixing pcb electronic components

SATOP® Excellent chemical resistance Silicone Sealant-8706

electronic grade silicone sealant
electronic grade silicone sealant
electronic grade silicone sealant



Description of electronic grade silicone sealant

SATOP®8706 deketoxime silicone adhesive sealant is a neutral electronic grade silicone sealant that absorbs moisture in the air at room temperature. Product environmental protection, non-toxic, through ROHS, Reach and FDA certification. It has good adhesion sealing property to most materials, to protect electronic products under stringent conditions.


Elastomer of SATOP®8706 has the following characteristics:

  1. Excellent chemical resistance
  2. The rubber layer is elastic, scrub resistance, and good adhesion.
  3. Reduce mechanical stress and tension caused by mechanical, thermal shock and vibration.
  4. Excellent electrical insulation, anti – corona
  5. Excellent outdoor aging, service life can reach 20 to 30 years
  6. stable mechanical and electrical propertiesbetween 60 to 260 ℃


Data Sheet

Properties before curing

ItemUnit Satop®8706
Viscosity 25℃, mPa·s60000
Density25℃, g/cm31.30-1.40
Tack free time25℃, 55%RH,min≤30

Properties after curing

ItemUnit Satop®8706
Hardness Shore A30-40
Thermal ConductivityW/m.K0.4
Elongation at break%≥150
Tensile strengthMpa≥1.3
Shear strengthMpa, iron/iron≥1.3
Expansion coefficientμm/(m,℃)210
Bibulous rate24h,25℃,%<0.2
Dielectric strengthkV/mm(25℃)18
Dissipation factor(1MHz) (25℃)0.09
Dielectric constant(1MHz) (25℃)2.9
Volume resistance(DC500V) Ω· cm2.00E +14

Remark:All the above data come from 25 ℃ and 55% RH glue curing conditions after 7 days. 



Household electrical appliances, seals Industrial components and other mechanical, seal Pv module

seal LED lamp, fixed PCB and electronic components.


  • 310ml/cartridge, 25cartridge/carton;

Storage and transportation

  • Avoid light, heat.
  • This product is non-dangerous goods and is transported it according to general chemicals.
  • Shelf life is 12 months under 25 ℃. Please take a sample testif more than the storage.

Operation process of electronic grade silicone sealant

  1. Cleaning surface: cleansurface, remove rust, dust and oil by cleaning agent.
  2. cut the nozzle to the required size, Fitted with glue gun, squeeze the glue into the cleaned surface and distribute evenly, When bonding, fixed two surface together.
  3. Cured: place the coatedparts in the air and used them after curing for 24 hours at room temperature.
  4. Precautions: after opening SATOP®8706, use it as soon as possible, once again, when used again, squeeze out the solidified part, continue to use, do not affect normal use.
  5. please consult the market departmentif use dispensing equipment.


  1. Keep away from children.
  2. It is recommended to be used in well-ventilated places.
  3. Wash the skin with soapy water immediately if it touches the skin carelessly.
  4. If you touch your eyes accidentally, rinse immediately with water for a long time and open your eyes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

Product safety information is not included here. Before use, please read the product information, product safety information and packaging label for safe use. The product safety information can be obtained from SATOP and the distributor, or write to the SATOP service center [email protected] or call 021-64243697.

The technical data of this paper are all typical values obtained under laboratory conditions.We are not responsible for the results of methods beyond our control.Because users use condition is different, different material surface state, curing conditions, storage conditions, transportation and other factors can make gum stability and physical and mechanical properties, the actual performance data has some changes are normal phenomenon.Before using this product,Validation is based on the data provided in this article.If you have any problems with the process, you can contact our technical service department and we will provide you with all the help. Our company reserves the right to modify the data in this article.

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