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no solvent ms silicone sealant for adhesive car body

SATOP® medium strength, general type modified silicone sealant-320

ms silicone sealant
ms silicone sealant
ms silicone sealant

Description of ms silicone sealant

SATOP® MS320 is a one-component, medium strength, general type modified ms silicone sealant, This product solidifies by reacting with moisture in the air. After curing, it forms a permanent elastomer. Characteristics are good aging resistance, coating on the surface, don’t need bottom coating , wide adhesion range, no solvent, no smell, environmental protection.

Typical application of ms silicone sealant 

  • Applied in the automobile body, train car, elevatorcar, containers, ships, metal construction, machinery, electronics, plastics, air conditioner, Clean room, Ventilation equipment and other other joint seal, main function is adhesion and fixation.
  • Environment-friendly products:no solvent, no PVC, no isocyanate, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, fast curing.
  • Surface coatability: Compatible with most industrial paints, after drying, it can spray paint without affecting curing speed.
  • Easy to use: excellent thixotropy and extrusion, suitable for wide temperature range.
  • Good adhesion: excellent adhesion performance to aluminum, stainless steel, coated steel, zinc, copper, and other metals and PVC, polyester materials.
  • Excellent weathering, aging performance, excellent tensile and compression strength.
  • Neutral curing, non-corrosive to most materials, overcoming the disadvantages of common silicone adhesives that easily contaminate substrates.


Data Sheet

(Under 23 ℃ and 50% relative humidity conditions)

ColorTest standardBlack,white
Appearance Paste
Specific Gravity(g/cm3)GB/T13477.2-20021.40±0.1
Extrusion rate (g/min)GB/T13477.4-2002100~180
Droop rate(mm)GB/T13477.6-20020
Tack free time(min)GB/T13477.5-200225~45
Cure speed (mm/24h)HG/T4363-2012≥3mm/24h
Hardness shore AGB/T531.1-200830~45
Tensile strength(MPa)GB/T528-2009≥2.0
Breaking elongation%GB/T528-2009≥250
Shear strength MpaGB/T7124-2008≥1.5
Temperature range ℃Long term-40~100℃
Temperature range ℃Short term120℃*1h



MS32001  black  310ml/cartridge    20cartridge/carton

MS32003  black  600ml/sausage  20sausage/carton

MS32011  white  310ml/cartridge    20cartridge/carton

MS32013  white  600ml/sausage  20sausage/carton


Keep in cool and dryplace Temperature 5~25°C

Shelf life:12 month


How to use of ms silicone sealant 

  • All bonding surfaces must be clean, dry, free of dust and oil spotsand any other material that affects bonding
  • MS320 sealant can be firmly bonded to the following materials without primer: aluminum, stainless steel, coated steel, zinc, copper, brass, powder coated metal, painted metal, glass, PVC, polyester (GRP), painted or painted wood, but the surface of the material should be clean and dry, without ash or oil. Cannot bond untreated polyethylene, polypropylene, and PTFE plastic surfaces.
  • construction temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃

  • Attention of operation of ms silicone sealant 

  • Do not contact the uncured sealant products with food and cosmetics;please use suitable industrial liquid soap and water to  clean Immediately when hands and exposed skin touch sealant. If sealant is not carefully entered into the eye, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult the doctor. Put the product in a place where children can’t touch it.


The technical data of this paper are all typical values obtained under laboratory conditions.We are not responsible for the results of methods beyond our control.Because users use condition is different, different material surface state, curing conditions, storage conditions, transportation and other factors can make gum stability and physical and mechanical properties, the actual performance data has some changes are normal phenomenon.


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