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SATOP® Solvent Type Conformal Coating-8576

pcb conformal coating
pcb conformal coating
pcb conformal coating

Type of pcb conformal coating

  1. one-part, moisture-cure, 
  2. Solvent type; low viscosity 
  3. Physical Form
  4. cure to flexible elastomers as film
  5. pcb conformal coating


  1. SATOP® 8576 is a one-component, solvent type pcb conformal coating, based on silicone. It cures on exposure by moisture to form an elastic silicone rubber film.
  2. SATOP® 8576 has excellent corrosion-free adhesion to metals, including copper, plastics, ceramics, glass, etc, without the use of primers.
  3. Excellent high and low temperature resistance: from –60℃ to 250℃.
  4. Stably under working temperature 200℃ for long term
  5. Excellent weather ability, water and chemical resistance
  6. Excellent electrical insulation properties.
  7. Simple and easy-to-use one-component system.

Data Sheet


ItemUnit Satop®8576
Solid content %70
Density25℃, g/cm30.95±0.05
Tack free time25℃, 55%RH,min25 ± 5

Data Sheet


ItemUnit Satop®8576
HardnessShore A20
Tensile strengthMpa>0.6
Adhesive strengthMpa>0.3


ItemUnit Satop®8576
Thermal conductivityW/(m·K)0.247
Dielectric strengthkV/mm(25℃)15
Dissipation loss(1MHz) (25℃)0.009
Dielectric constant(1MHz) (25℃)2.9 
Volume resistance(DC500V) Ω· cm1×1014

The Physical property above was test after cured 7 days. Shear test of base material is iron tablets

 pcb conformal coating

Special Properties 

  1. Room-temperature; resist humidity and other harsh environments;
  2. Easily removable;
  3. good dielectric properties; self-priming adhesion;
  4. prevent PCB board suffering humid and corrosive

Potential Uses                    

  1. Household control module; Impregnated transformers;
  2. Inductive protection;
  3. Tough and flexible PCB coating;
  4. LED lights’ surface coating;


  1. Clean the surface thoroughly,keep dry and loose debris.Clean with a solvent.Spraying with a dispenser. Thinner dosage recommendations for 30~50%. Diluent recommends the use of toluene and petroleum ether, do not use solvent such as alcohols, ketones.   
  2. Dip-coating process. dip the PCB into the glue, and stay for about 10seconds to avoid bubbles.   


Cure time of pcb conformal coating

In 24 hours (at room temperature and 50% relative humidity) SATOP® 8576 Adhesive/Sealant will cure to a depth of about 2-3mm. If deeper sections, especially when access to atmospheric moisture is restricted, will take longer to cure completely.

Cure time is extended at lower humidity levels. Before handling and packaging bonded components, users are advised to wait a sufficiently long time to ensure that the integrity of the adhesive seal is not affected. This will depend on many factors and should be determined by the user for each specific application.

To reach stable property, it’s better to rise the temperature step by step, for example, after cured 7 days, heat the sealant on 150℃ for 5 hours, then 200℃ for 4hours, 230℃ for 4hours, 250℃ for 3 hours ,and 280℃ for 2hours.

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