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Low viscosity neutral silicone conformal coating for pcb

SATOP® Low viscosity neutral silicone conformal coating-8521

silicone conformal coating
silicone conformal coating
conformal coating

Description of silicone conformal coating

SATOP®8521 is a low viscosity neutral silicone conformal coating. solid content is 100%. Easy to spray, dip, brush or apply. Protective coating for hard and soft printed circuit boards and Protective coating of impregnated porous substrate.

Elastomer of SATOP®8521 has the following characteristics:

  1. One-part, low-viscosity, solvent-free, environmentally friendly
  2. High transparency, room temperature curing, good adhesion
  3. After curing, it is stable and elastic at -60 – 200°C
  4. good adhesion with most base material without primer
  5. Excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture, electrical insulation

Data Sheet


ItemUnit Satop®8521
Color Clear
Viscosity25℃, Pa·s3000±500
Solid content %100
Density25℃, g/cm31.00±0.02
Tack free time25℃, 55%RH,min7-10
ItemUnit Satop®8521
Hardness Shore A20
Elongation at break%200
Tensile strengthMpa0.5
Shear strengthMpa, iron/iron0.3
Dielectric strengthkV/mm(25℃)20
Dissipation factor(1MHz) (25℃)0.09
Dielectric constant(1MHz) (25℃)3
Volume resistance(DC500V) Ω· cm2.00E +14

Remark:All the above data come from 25 ℃ and 55% RH glue curing conditions after 7 days. 



Suitable for coating with thick film circuit and printed circuit board; seal LCM LCD border; Other applications requiring good permeability.

Storage and transportation

  • Avoid light, heat.
  • This product is non-dangerous goods and is transported it according to general chemicals.
  • Shelf life is 12 months under 25 ℃. Please take a sample testif more than the storage.




Operation process 

  1. Cleaning surface: cleansurface, remove rust, dust and oil.No need bottom coating to most material, such as glass, metal and most commonly industrial plastics.But on some polymers, it may be less cohesive.For example: polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE, use PM1200 to do bottom coating.
  2. cut the nozzle to the required size, Fitted with glue gun, squeeze the glue into the cleaned surface and distribute evenly, When bonding, fixed two surface together. Under the conditions of room temperature and 55% relative humidity, adhesive’s surface dry in about 15 minutes, therefore, all processing must be completed before surface dry.
  3. Cured:Cured: place the coated parts in the air and used them after curing for 24 hours at room temperature.
  4. Precautions: after opening SATOP®8739, use it as soon as possible, once again, when used again, squeeze out the solidified part, continue to use, do not affect normal use.
  5. please consult the market departmentif use dispensing equipment


  1. Use adhesive materials: conventional metal, aluminum, iron, copper, nickel tin;
  2. Plastic category, unless of the PEPPPTFE, use on ABSPAPCPBTPETPOMPPSPPO.
  3. Resin compatibility includes acrylic, silicon, epoxy resin, polyimide resin, unsaturated polyester.。
  4. Rubber class, including EPDMTPUPVC, Si, etc
  5. Other non – related, pleaseconsulting manufacturers
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