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SATOP®8552 two-component pu potting compound

SATOP®8552 two-component pu potting compound

Product features

SATOP 8552A/B is a solvent-free, two-component casting resin, based on Polyurethane. The resin (A) consists of organic compounds with hydroxyl-groups whereas the hardener (B) is based on isocyanates. By mixing both components in a ratio by weight of 5:1 a flexible casting resin is achieved via chemical reaction. The product exhibits no measurable change in volume after curing.

The resin is used for filling, coating and casting. The product adheres BEPU to metals and plastics. It contains flame retardant additives. According UL-94 tested with V0.

  1. medium viscosity, easily process
  2. excellent and stably electrical dielectric
  3. very low Waterabsorption 
  4. good adhere to most metals and plastics
  5. excellent performance on low-temperature and aging


It is specifically formulated for automotive sensors, switches, transformers and other electrical devises requiring environments protection.





8552 A

8552 B


By eyes

Black or white liquid



Viscosity, cps(25)

GB/T 10247-2008

5500 ± 500

150± 50

Gravity, g/cm3

GB/T 15223-1994



Mixing ratio, by weight

AB = 100 20

Mix viscosity, cps(25)

GB/T 10247-2008

1500± 500

Pot life,mins

GB/T 10247-2008


Hardness, shore A

GB/T 531-2008


Thermal conductive rate, W/m.K



Water absorption, %

after 30 days immersion

GB 8810-2005

< 0.15 %

Dielectric strength, kV/mm, 25

GB/T 1695-2005


Volume resistivity, DC500V,Ω·CM

GB/T 1692-92


Dielectric loss factor, 50HZ

GB/T 1693-2007


flame retardance, UL 94


Working Temperature,


MAX Temperature, Short time,


Cup bubble test

Testing condition

Stirring speed: 1500rpm,  Blender diameter: 50mm,  Cup volume: 250ml

Mixing Quantity (A/B)100/20g
Mixing time30s
Gel time120min

Process with dispenser


material preparation  

Strilling in the original drum, then pouring into dispenser.

To avoid bubbles inside of finished products, both tank should be usually kept 40 to 60 minutes under the vacuum pressure 0-2mmHg.

Max tolerance

Mixing proportion of deviation may affect mechanical properties, tolerance should be less than 1%.


Through the production, should always maintain the tank airtight. the compressed gas should be dry If need, otherwise part B will become sticky, and influence the mechanical properties.

Suggestion of molding condition

Machine                                           low pressure Pouring machine

Mixer               static mixer

Material temperature    

Part A         25-30 ℃ 

Part B         25-30 ℃

Demoulding time                                   8-10 hrs 

Process with Manual

Pretreatment of the surfaces to be casted

The substrates should be dry, free of dust, oil, grease and other contaminants. The usage of wash primer can increase the adhesion to metals. Release agents must be cleaned off the surfaces of plastic sheets.

Improved adherence is attained if the surface is roughened prior to application..

Mixing and Processing

The components can be mixed manually either by using mixing equipment or by using machinery with a two-component application. Application is possible by stopping, rolling, casting, spraying or squirting. The casting resin is only applicable within a limited time (potlife). Afterwards the mixture becomes gelled and useless. Therefore only the amount which can be applied within the potlife should be mixed. The potlife depends on the quantity and temperature of the mixed batch. By larger quantities or an increased temperature, the potlife decreases. Lower temperature, on the contrary, lengthen the potlife.

SATOP 8552A/B can be cured at room temperature (above 15°C) or at elevated temperature (up to 60°C). The curing time will be substantially with increasing temperature.


Fresh, uncured material (Cleaning of application equipment, spills on substrate etc.) can be removed with the cleaner Acetone or Xylene; cured casting resin can be removed only mechanically.

First-Aid Measures

Description of first aid measures

Remove contaminated clothing.

If inhaled:

If difficulties occur after vapour/aerosol has been inhaled, remove to fresh air and seek medical attention

On skin contact:

Wash thoroughly with soap and water.


On contact with eyes:

Immediately wash affected eyes for at least 15 minutes under running water with eyelids held open, consult an eye specialist.

On ingestion:

Immediately rinse mouth and then drink plenty of water, do not induce vomiting, seek medical attention.


  • The opened drum should be sealed, avoid moisture, and be used out in a short time.
  • Resin:

Frost-sensitive                               no

Recommended storage temp.                 15°C to 25°C

Shelf-life                                    12 months in original packaging

  • Hardener:

Frost-sensitive                               yes

Recommended storage temp.                 15°C to 30°C ( not < 10 and > 50 °C)

Shelf-life                                    12 months in original packaging


Packing and transportation

  • A:25kg/pail
  • B: 5kg/pail
  • Transported as general chemi

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