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Low viscosity thermal grease conductivity for led power

SATOP® 1.5w/mk Thermal conductive silicone grease-8415

thermal grease conductivity
silicone grease for o rings
silicone grease

thermal grease conductivity

Product feature and application of thermal grease conductivity

SATOP® 8415 thermal grease conductivity is used in thermal conductive materials in electronic devices, and has excellent thermal conductivity. This product with low viscosity, Can make the cooling surface of the electronic components and close contact between the radiator and reduce the thermal resistance, It can effectively reduce the temperature of the electronic components, extend the service life of electronic components and improve reliability. SATOP®8415 thermal grease conductivity will not be cross linked, in the process of electronic assembly, easy operation if has any change or replacement of the radiator.

In addition to high thermal conductivity, no stress when used. High stability under – 50 to + 200 ℃, and has excellent weather resistance, radiation resistance and excellent dielectric properties.

SATOP® 8415 is widely used in LED, microprocessor, a memory module, high-speed buffer memory, sealed integration chip, DC/DC converters, IGBTS and other power module, power semiconductor, solid state relay and bridge rectifiers and other fields.



  1. Thermal conductivity: 1.5 W/m.K
  2. Low settlement, storage at room temperature
  3. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, excellent weather resistance, radiation resistance and excellent dielectric properties.
  4. Excellent chemical and mechanical stability.


  1. Power module
  2. Integrated chip
  3. Power supply module
  4. Car electronics.
  5. Telecommunications equipment
  6. Computers and their attachments.

Data Sheet

(Under 23 ℃ and 50% relative humidity conditions)

ItemTest Methods Satop®8415
MaterialASTM D374Silicone
Appearance White Paste
Specific Gravity(g/cm3)ASTM D7922.3
Thermal conductivity(W/mK)ASTM D54701.5
Oil separation (%)%, 200℃/24hr<3
Volatile component (%)%, 200℃/24hr<2
Dielectric constant(MHz)ASTM D1503.4
Volume resistanceASTM D257≥2×1014
Temperature range ℃Short term-50 to +200°C


  • SATOP® 8415 silicone grease is non-toxic, non-combustible material. Shelf life: 12month
  • More than 12 months, if the settlement phenomenon can be stirred evenly, still usable.




Direct extrusion and brush application. Note that the construction surface should be uniform, as long as coated with a thin layer.

The technical data of this paper are all typical values obtained under laboratory conditions.We are not responsible for the results of methods beyond our control.Because users use condition is different, different material surface state, curing conditions, storage conditions, transportation and other factors can make gum stability and physical and mechanical properties, the actual performance data has some changes are normal phenomenon.Before using this product,Validation is based on the data provided in this article.If you have any problems with the process, you can contact our technical service department and we will provide you with all the help. Our company reserves the right to modify the data in this article.

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